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Frosted Christmas Cookies

frosted christmas cookies

    christmas cookies
  • Christmas cookies are traditionally sugar biscuits and cookies (though other flavors may be used based on family traditions and individual preferences) cut into various shapes related to Christmas.

  • Covered with or as if with frost

  • (of food) Decorated or dusted with icing or sugar

  • Frosted was an American pop punk band, founded by ex-Go-Go's guitarist and singer Jane Wiedlin in 1995. The band was so-named because "it sounds sweet".The Daily Aztec The letters S and T were capitalised in tribute to Star Trek, one of Wiedlin's favourite TV shows. They released one album in 1996.

  • (of glass) having a roughened coating resembling frost; "frosted glass"

  • (frosting) a flavored sugar topping used to coat and decorate cakes

  • (of glass or a window) Having a translucent textured surface so that it is difficult to see through

christmas cookies

christmas cookies

i use Wilton coloring..the best and
i made the frosting with confectioners sugar a lil bit of water and meringue to help it harden on the cookies so it wont be a butterfrosting type..your able to stack the cookies on top of one another with out messing up the frosting!!

more christmas cookies

more christmas cookies

an angel, two snowmen, a manger scene, and a snowy tree

frosted christmas cookies

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